Transmission Reseal, Rebuild, & Replacement

Expert automatic and manual transmission repair including basic service to advanced rebuild and replacement.


O’Brien Services in Ferndale, MI is an expert transmission repair shop.  We handle both automatic and manual transmissions.  We can service almost any transmission need from basic service to advanced rebuild and replacement.  Here are some of the advanced transmission services we offer:

Reseal Service

Sometimes, an automatic transmission develops a leak but operates fine, so a reseal service is the best repair. The reseal service includes:

1. Removing your automatic transmission
2. Replacing all the external seals (which usually requires some disassembly of the transmission).
3. Reinstalling the transmission back into the car.

The transmission is filled with new fluid along with any necessary adjustments and then road tested to insure proper operation.



A repaired transmission is one where a specific component is replaced or fixed without rebuilding the entire transmission. This includes instances were a transmission may have a leak.  With a repair, only the component that is replaced would be warranted.



Used transmissions have become a viable option because insurance companies will often total a car simply because the airbags deployed from a relatively minor accident. A used transmission may cost hundreds less than a rebuild but in most cases they come with a lesser warranty, so there is a trade-off.


A rebuilt transmission is one where the transmission is disassembled and inspected, worn or damaged parts are replaced and then reassembled to factory specifications, along with new gaskets, seals, clutches and bands. It is a custom process performed by a specialist. A remanufactured transmission is the same as a rebuilt transmission except that the work is done in a factory.